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GEORGE IRWINFounder and President

Green Living Technologies, LLC., NY / GLTCannabis, NJ / HOPE Holistic Healthcare, NJ / SubCulture Labs, NJ /, ME / VertiKal Tech, Me / VertiKal Tech Tissue Culture Lab, ME


A published author, George Irwin is an expert resource and authority for green technologies. His patent portfolio of environmental products is in 13 countries and a network of over 1,300 representatives worldwide. Featured in TIME, Newsweek, Fortune Magazine, Profit Magazine, National Geographic, renowned newspapers, CNN, CBS, NBC, The TODAY SHOW, and Good Morning America, he is recognized worldwide as the leading authority of environmental agriculture technology. Irwin is a New Jersey native and a Montclair State University alumnus (90’). For two decades, Irwin has pioneered advanced technologies that are revolutionizing the cannabis industry. In the cannabis sector, Irwin’s companies include brands HOPE Holistic Health (NJ), VertiKal (Maine), and GLTCannabis. His technology has boosted the production and quality for two of NJ’s ATC’s and is credited for quantitative and qualitative gains as per the state's testing results.


As of late, the HOPE Holistic Health brand is participating in the current NJ Adult Use license pool.  Irwin is also assisting the NY Forensic Chemist & Drug Chemistry Supervisor to validate research regarding hemp and marijuana testing. They have evolved as a world leader in industry-first patented protoplast fusion and focus on disease and virus-free genetics that provide consistency in cannabis cultivation. Irwin’s companies are a few globally that provide safe, clean and predictable outcomes for each and every cultivation cycle through its world-class capabilities. His environmental technologies are implemented in cannabis and hemp operations with zero wastewater, zero biomass, and no landfill accolades. He is truly an environmental steward to the cannabis sector. His zest for education and deep love of the environment has led him to develop educational partnerships with the New York City Department of Education and a host of universities and colleges throughout the country, including schools in NJ. Locally, Irwin has remained committed to the mission and core values on which his company was founded, providing economic development, equality, and educational opportunities.




PHYLLIS LACCAFounder and President

Masterpiece Advertising, NJ  / HOPE Holistic Healthcare, NJ  / hope foundation, NJ /, ME / VertiKal Tech, Me / VertiKal Tech Tissue Culture Lab, ME


A trusted, forward-thinking, successful entrepreneur and dedicated philanthropist, Phyllis Lacca is a champion for start-up businesses (profit and nonprofit) with a passion for connecting and furthering women-owned businesses and cultivating and mentoring women entrepreneurs, minorities, and those from underserved socioeconomic backgrounds.


For more than 27 years as President of award-winning Masterpiece Advertising, Ms. Lacca has built a reputation for marketing and business excellence both at home and around the globe. She has represented major brands in industries ranging from hospitality and finance to healthcare and not-for-profit. In doing so, she has established a networking array that includes luminaries from the realms of business, politics, entertainment, media, sports, and human services.


Phyllis Lacca chose to partner with GLTI and GLTCannabis Founder and President George Irwin because of his expertise, shared goals, and values. Her philosophy as a successful businesswoman is that the right culture coupled with best practices is vital and that companies must think hard about their value proposition, building the best product or service to meet the needs of the end-user or customer.

What Lacca brings to the table in her role is a lifetime of business and marketing expertise. This will be applicable in successfully branding and positioning New Jersey’s rapidly expanding medical/recreational cannabis industry and HOPE Holistic Healthcare’s licensed operations, be they in the growth, distribution, or retail dispensary aspects.


RANDY STRICH, Ph.D.Head of Research & Scientific Advisor


Dr. Randy Strich, Ph.D., brings decades of research achievements in the basic and translational arenas to his position as Head of Research & Scientific Advisor at Hope Holistic Healthcare. He is a leader in the field of improving the effectiveness of medical cannabis to blunt the devastating side effects associated with current chemotherapies used in the treatment of cancer patients. One of the goals of Dr. Strich’s research is to develop strategies that would allow for reduced anti-cancer drug concentrations while providing a similar therapeutic response. This direction has been awarded a patent and is currently undergoing animal trials. On the whole, Dr. Strich’s research has focused on the molecular basis of the cellular response to oxidative stress and how to manipulate these findings to develop more effective cancer treatments. He has developed a unique research program describing the molecular under pending for the cellular decision between life and death for cells exposed to reactive oxygen species (ROS). Understanding how to mitigate the ROS induced by cannabinoids will lead to safer use of cannabis over extended periods. The success of Dr. Stritch’s research is illustrated by his two decades of continuous NIH funding and more than 50 peer-reviewed publications in high-impact journals. Currently, a Full Professor at Rowan University’s School of Biomedical Sciences in Glassboro, New Jersey, Dr. Strich’s training includes postdoctoral studies at the University of Chicago and a faculty position at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. In addition, Dr. Strich has served on a variety of national boards, including study section panels reviewing grants for the NIH and NFS. 


NICOLA ELLIOTT — Advisory Board Member


Nicola Elliott brings nearly a decade of management experience with world-class educational institutions and healthcare providers to her role as Director of Human Resources for Hope Holistic Healthcare. Her involvement with the LGBTQ community and 16-year service in the United States Army combine to make her uniquely qualified to chair Hope Holistic Healthcare’s Diversity Committee, which will work hand-in-hand with Human Resources in the creation and implementation of workforce and job creation plans for women, minorities, military veterans and disadvantaged populations within the community. Nicola’s professional career and educational experience are extensively tied to the world-renowned Thomas Jefferson University and, by extension, Philadelphia University, and Jefferson University Hospitals. During her time there, which included receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Nicola has worked exclusively with Jefferson and Philadelphia Universities’ Presidents and Chancellors, coordinating and implementing a variety of high-level projects for the C-Suite Executives. In her role, Nicola has also served as the de facto liaison to the university’s many and varied stakeholders, ranging from executive leadership, board members, and internal operating departments to government, business, and community leaders and entities. During four years working with the President of the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Nicola developed a strong understanding of the role community-support organizations play in positively affecting the lives of people with disabilities and individuals from socio-economically disadvantaged communities. Through it all, when she looks back on her accomplishments, Nicola ranks her service to her country as among her proudest achievements. After joining the United States Army Reserves in 1978, she enlisted for active duty and served from 1981 through 1994 as a Unit Supply Sergeant.


ADDISON IRWINBrand Ambassador


A New Jersey native, Addison Irwin studied International Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Before his college education, Addison had authored a Ted Talk as a senior project regarding the “Stigma of Cannabis,” where he exposed the difficulties of obtaining cannabis as a medicine for children and young adults. At approximately the same time, Irwin was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, where he experienced profound success with the use of raw cannabis oil. After several years of working with his father's company, Green Living Technologies, Addison presently is a patient representative and advocate for the company's brands educating and teaching about the use of cannabis for medical applications.

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